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Earrings with an English fastener

By purchasing earrings, we primarily pay attention to their design.But do not forget about comfort and safety during socks.Earrings with an English fastener - one of the most popular in the market of jewelry.Their demand for fashionistas around the world, these decorations are due, in the first place, a reliable mechanism of fastening on the earlobe.Such earrings are rarely unfastened spontaneously, on the contrary - they can often be removed with difficulty.
On our site there is a wide selection of female and male earrings with an English lock:
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Silver with gilding
  • Bijouterie with natural stones

Silver and gold earrings with an English lock

Silver and gold earrings with an English lock - a great gift for any woman.Silver 925 and gold of 585 or 750 samples are precious metals of the highest quality, therefore such decorations will last very long and will not lose their original appearance even after long years of socks.
Buy stylish and elegant earrings with an English lock you can by placing an order on our website.We offer quite reasonable prices for high quality products.Delivery of purchased goods is carried out anywhere in Russia, as well as to the Baltic countries and the CIS.In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the delivery of goods is free of charge.

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