925 Sterling Silver
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A Skull cord bracelet

A Fleur-de-lis cord bracelet

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Royal Lily (Fleur de lys) is a symbol of power, given to the elected. The splendor of beauty and power of the inner nature. Possession of creation, preservation and destruction.

Power over time: past, present, future. Lily (fleur de lys) came to the courts of the European monarchs with patterned fabrics of East. And ever since, embodied in clothing, architectural elements, literary works for many centuries.

Cord bracelet Fleur de Lys (Lily) embodies the knowledge of intuition and inner voice guide. The hearing of the feminine divine within. Wear with royal dignity!

Amorem®. Sterling Silver. Handmade.    

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Cord with texture:
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925 Sterling Silver

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Size of the Royal Lily bracelet: width 14.12 mm; height 21,56 mm; thickness 2.02 mm

Weight of the Royal Lily 925 Sterling Silver 1.38 gram, Amorem label 0.15 gram

925 Sterling Silver
24 €
Love in the heart cord bracelet

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