Czech glass

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Decorations from Czech glass

Since ancient times, women like to diversify their appearance with various accessories: chains, pendants, rings, bracelets.Each such decoration emphasizes individuality and makes its owner more elegant.Accessories from silver and gold will never lose relevance, but also Czech jewelry attracts the eyes of a huge number of women.
More than two hundred years ago in the Czech Republic began to work glass factory.It produced stylish jewelry, which was worn by all walks of life: merchants, aristocrats and ordinary people.Over time, these original ornaments spread throughout the world and gained high popularity due to their unique appearance and affordable price.Ornaments made of Czech glass are still in great demand.
Our shop offers to buy bracelets from Czech glass on threads.The advantages of these products include:
  • High quality of products and their compliance with world standards;
  • A huge number of color options (can be both single-color, and include a combination of colors);
  • The manual work of masters-glaziers will not leave anyone indifferent;
  • Favorable, affordable price (from 950 to 1000 rubles).
When buying ornaments from Czech glass for more than 3000 rubles, free delivery is carried out in Moscow and St. Petersburg.If necessary, we can deliver to Russia and the CIS countries.If you have any questions, you can get all the information you need by contacting our consultants at the phones listed on the website.

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