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Nominated bracelets

A bracelet is an easy, but stylish and elegant decoration that perfectly complements any image you choose.A cute and weightless accessory will add a touch of playfulness to your style, make it brighter and more visible.
In our online store a wide selection of bracelets with the names: gold, silver and gold-plated.You can choose an ornament from the catalog, or you can order an exclusive product.You can supplement the bright image by selecting a beautiful thread of red, yellow, green or other colors.

Bracelets with their name

The fashion to wear bracelets with your name existed many decades ago.Today young people also wear these ornaments, preferring neat silver or gold products.Jewelry with your name will not spoil the image of a business lady, and at the same time will bring into it a slight charm and a share of innocence.
Such bracelets look very harmonious in combination with urban style clothing.They can be worn along with watches or other bracelets - they do not overload the image and do not clutter it with heavy elements.
In our IM, you can buy personalized bracelets at attractive prices with delivery to Russia, CIS countries and the Baltic States.When ordering jewelry for 3000 rubles, we provide free delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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