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Cuffs made of silver and gold

To complement the image and giving it the look and style of women from ancient times use jewelry made of precious metals.One of such ornaments is earrings-kaffs from silver and gold.Often these items are decorated with precious stones to create a unique and memorable element of style.

Jewelry cuffs on ears

Our store offers to buy cuffs made of silver and gold, which will suit almost any room.In the catalog of our store you can find the following products:
  • Cuffs in the form of a dragon, made of gold and silver;
  • A set of silver cuffs and rings, made in the form of a grapevine;
  • Flat products of gold and silver;
  • Large and small earrings inlaid with cubic zirconia;
All products that you can buy from us are of high quality and are made from precious metals of high samples.In our store very profitable and attractive prices for goods (from 650 to 35000 rubles).By purchasing jewelry from us, you are guaranteed to give your image a femininity, refinement and elegance.
You can place an order by adding items to the basket directly on the site or by contacting our staff by phone.Having ordered from us goods worth more than 3 thousand rubles, you will receive free delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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