Rings of Totem

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Totem rings with animals

In ancient times people searched for answers to all their questions in nature.In many tribes there were beliefs about the sacred status of animals, so they were worshiped, sacrificed and protected.People believed that the animal-totem in return would also be able to protect their race from misfortunes.
Today, ancient beliefs are a thing of the past, but the totems are still relevant, although not so common.For those who believe in the boundless power of nature and the power of the totems, the ring-totem with the animal figure will become a wonderful gift.

Silver totem rings

The catalog of our online store presents the widest assortment of ring-totems.Animals and birds for every taste - from a cute and harmless hedgehog to a predatory lynx or wolf.Silver ring totems will not only become a magnificent exclusive adornment, but, according to the beliefs of our ancestors, will give you vitality and energy, will make you dexterous and fast.
We offer quality products from silver of 925 tests.Above each product a creative experienced designer painstakingly works, creating a unique appearance for each product.
All products purchased from us can be delivered to anywhere in Russia, as well as to neighboring countries.In Moscow and St. Petersburg, delivery is free of charge if the amount of your order exceeds 3000 rubles.

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