Phalanx rings

Phalanx rings made of silver

Fashion to wear a ring on the second and third phalanges of fingers came to us from ancient times.In Egypt, Greece and many Asian countries, the tradition of decorating wrists and palms with a large number of ornaments was supported by many generations - after all the more massive rings, bracelets and amulets were worn on the girl, the higher her social status.
Today, fashion trends have changed slightly, while the popularity of phalanx rings from silver has acquired a new turn. Stylish and elegant decorations, decorated with semiprecious and precious stones, are widely used among modern women of fashion.

Golden phalanx rings

Golden phalanx rings - an indicator of the flawless taste of their owner. When choosing these ornaments, it is worth remembering that one hand can not combine gold and silver. Also it is worth remembering the rule of "seven" - on one hand should not be worn more than seven rings, and then, provided that these are miniature, discreet decorations.
In our online store you can find beautiful models of stylish and fashionable phalanx rings made of gold and silver. The catalog also contains sets of several products made in one style.

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