Jewelery from stones

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Bijouterie from natural stones

Since ancient times, the most amazing is the natural beauty.This opinion is not devoid of meaning and when describing female jewelry.Bright, colorful, glowing and iridescent in the sun, the stones attract the eye and make the image memorable and individual.
Bijouterie from natural stones - not just beautiful ornaments.With the right selection of a stone, such products can benefit health and positively influence the mood of their owner.It is for this reason, before you buy jewelry from natural stones, you should study the impact of stones on the body.

Jewelry for women from natural stones

Each stone has its own energy:
  • Beryl symbolizes prosperity, well-being and love.This stone since ancient times is considered the keeper of the family hearth.
  • Black agate is the stone of true leaders, courageous and brave, capable of dealing with the elements.It is also a stone of passion and true feelings.
  • Rock crystal improves intellectual activity, protects from the evil eye.
  • Amethyst - a stone that keeps its owner from bad deeds, does not let it get off the intended path, keeps and protects.
  • Jasper.It is believed that jasper is able to deal with the internal negativity, bringing calmness and balance to the world.
Jewelery for women from natural stones works on the same principle as the stones from which they are made - that's why the right choice of these products is so important.
In our online store there is a wide range of jewelry from a variety of natural stones.Price range of jewelry - 800-3000 rubles.We offer our services for the delivery of goods purchased from us in Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic States.You can pay for the order either in cash or by wire transfer to a card or an electronic wallet.

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