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Separators for bracelets and chains

Handmade jewelry has always been highly appreciated by women of fashion.A bracelet made by one's own hands will become a very expensive and symbolic gift for relatives and close people.In our online store you can choose the right fittings for jewelry and jewelry:
  • Stylish spacers and rondels made of precious metals.
  • Separators in the form of animal figures.
  • Products in the form of hearts of various sizes, stars, miniature beads.
To make the product complete in our store, there are bright threads of the most diverse colors - pink, red, green, blue, black.

Gold and silver dividers

Jewelery separators made of gold and silver are an excellent way to create a unique and memorable composition from decorative elements of various configurations.In combination with letters or numbers from precious metals, the dividers help to make an exclusive decoration that will suit any girl.
Buy exclusive and exquisite separators of gold and silver can be in our online store at attractive prices - the cost of one unit will cost you in the amount of 100 rubles to four thousand, depending on the size of the product and the material from which it is made.

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