925 Sterling Silver
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Spiderweb phalanx rings

Destiny phalanx ring

Vendor code: MR0029-Ag925-Custodia in pelle

Destiny phalanx ring. The resizable stylish phalanx ring. It suits on the little finger.

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925 Sterling Silver

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All products are made of 925 Sterling Silver

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Silver has a property, after a while it becomes covered with an oxide film and stains. This is the natural quality of silver, if you have not used it for a long time it will happen. To remove the plaque, it is enough to wipe with a felt cloth. Or use special two-component wipes (wet / wet) for faster cleaning. Similar napkins you can find in any jewelry store.

The threads in our cord bracelets are made of nylon and are suitable for regular use. They are not allergenic, do not fade in the sun. An excellent indicator of color retention in aggressive environments, such as sea water and cleaning products. Threads are not allergenic and comfortable to the body. 

Size of the Destiny ring: thickness 1.35 mm; width 6,99 mm;

Weight of the Destiny ring 925 Sterling Silver approximately 2.25 grams;

925 Sterling Silver
26 €
Bracelet Deeds, not words / Acta non verba
  • Holly Blair(2 years, 6 months ago)

    unique and very pretty - love the rings and the darling gift included!

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