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Parts for a bracelet of silver and gold

In order to assemble an exclusive and stylish bracelet, it is not necessary to search for the constituent elements for it on different sites.In our online store you will find original and bright parts for a bracelet of gold and silver:
  • Miniature Silver Beads.
  • Original dividers in the form of stars, hearts, animals and t.d.
  • Elements with numbers engraved on them from 0 to 9.
  • Silver and gold letters of different sizes.
In addition, in a wide range of colors, the threads for bracelets.

Assemble an inexpensive bracelet

In order to collect an inexpensive bracelet, you can turn your attention to silver or gold-plated items.Their cost is from 400 to 1400 rubles, so a small decoration will cost you quite cheaply.
With the use of dividers, pendants, letters and numbers, you can create a real piece of jewelry art - a bracelet with your name, date of birth, car brand, lucky number.
Our online store offers a large selection of parts for bracelets from silver or gold (gilding).You can be assured of the quality of our goods - after all over each product experienced designers and jewelers labored, bringing decorations to perfection.
For residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, we offer free delivery of goods worth more than 3000 rubles.The cost of delivery to other regions of the country or abroad, also depends on the price of the order and the distance to its destination.

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