Jewelery from pearls

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Bracelets made of pearls

Pearls - one of the most popular precious stones used in the manufacture of jewelry.The meaning of natural pearls different cultures are interpreted in different ways, however in all legends and beliefs one can trace the thought - pearls bring to the owner longevity and unshaken youth.
Pearl bracelets - a beautiful decoration for stylish and elegant young ladies.In combination with the inserts of silver of 925 tests, these decorations will give the image a weightlessness and emphasize youth and natural beauty.

Necklace from pearls

Necklaces of white, gray or black pearls are perfect for women of all ages.Necklaces with decorative rings of different diameters from gold of 585 or 750 tests perfectly complement the image of a business lady, and also suitable for secular receptions.
In our online store you will find a variety of models of jewelry from sea pearls:
  • Weightless necklaces with inserts of rock crystal or cubic zirconia.
  • Massive necklaces of white pearls.
  • Thin and elegant pearls with zirconia.

Earrings from pearls

In order to complete the image of a refined lady and make it even more stylish, you just need to buy pearl earrings that will harmoniously blend with a necklace or bracelet.Earrings of their natural blue pearls and amethyst - a perfect choice for a hike in a cafe, reception or evening date.
Buying jewelry from pearls in our online store, you get an exclusive accessory that will emphasize your femininity and will be a perfect addition to the image you have chosen.
We offer to buy earrings, necklaces or bracelets from natural pearls at quite reasonable prices - from 1300 rubles.You can pay for the order in cash upon receipt or by cashless transfer (transfer to a card or an electronic wallet).

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