Corporate orders

Our products are ordered as:
- corporate gifts for employees;
- corporate gifts for partners or clients of the company;
- products for sale under the brand of the customer or as a joint venture;
- Thematic products, for some kind of event;
- the product for the event, as a way of dividing the event guests into categories or levels;
- products as part of the dress code of the company;

Advantages of a gift from Amorem:

1. Fast - production time - 2 weeks;
2. Unlimited circulation - the possibility of ordering from 1 pc to hundreds of thousands;
3. Exclusiveness of gift;
4. The products are made of precious metals - silver of 925 tests, gold of 585,750 tests;
5. Each product is made by hand, which gives special value;
6. Products «oversize» - fit any size;
7. Each product is placed in a gift box, which creates a pleasant intrigue;
8. Possibility of development and creation of individual packing.* bracelets on adjustable threads.

Exclusive gifts for VIP clients
In order to emphasize the status of a partner or client, we offer the opportunity to develop products from gold of 585 or 750 samples. As a gift, you can develop a bracelet with a pendant made of precious metal on a thread or a bracelet from natural stones. Each piece of gold is packed in a bark box with gold embossing.

How are products made?

1. Design development On the basis of the Terms of Reference or your sketches, our artists develop a product layout in a graphic image and send you for approval. Based on the results, a prototype is made - a master model, which further replicates the products.
2. Manufacture of a product. Having developed a prototype once, you get the opportunity to use it in the future if you need to further customize. The circulation is not limited - from 1 piece to hundreds of thousands.
3. Packaging Amorem's branded packaging is provided AS A GIFT - Amorem leather case and a box. We are ready to provide the opportunity to develop customized packaging for your order. Packing with the customer's logo is calculated separately, depending on the wishes of the customer.
4. Terms: The period from the development of the product to the immediate delivery to the customer - up to 15 days.
5. Delivery: Delivery services are paid separately, depending on the volume of the order and the location of the customer.

- Development of the prototype is carried out on an advance payment of 100%.
- Production of the entire circulation is paid by 2 installments - 50% prepayment + 50% payment on the fact of production of the entire circulation.
- The cost of the prototype and the product does not depend on the circulation. Development of the prototype - 8 000 rubles, regardless of the metal of the finished product.
The price of the products in silver 925 is:
- Products up to 2 grams - 800 rubles
- Products from 2 to 3 grams - 1200 rubles
- Products from 3 to 4 grams - 1600 rubles
- The cost of the product from gold on request.

The price list under the simplified taxation system (the table with deployment)


On issues related to corporate orders and cooperation:
e-mail: sales@amorem.en
mob. : +7 926 49 888 46
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