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Amorem is a Russian brand since 2012 on the market.

Amorem is jewelry with meaning, designed to inspire our customers to be themselves and live a real life, reminding that true happiness is in simple things, and love is a natural desire of every soul.

Amorem is a successful jewelry business.

Why choose us:

      • fix price;
      • quick shipment from the warehouse;
      • quick adaptation to the needs of the market;
      • manufacturing products for local markets, corporate orders.

Commodity position:
rope bracelets, phalange rings, earrings ornaments, asymmetrical earrings, studs, cufflinks, pendants.

Amorem franchise advantages:
      • quick payback;
      • high penetration (a unique niche product, high-quality goods for a low check);
      • 1 city - 1 supplier;
      • Russian production, stable prices.

You are getting:

      • purchase price with a discount up to 50% of the retail price indicated on the manufacturer's website;
      • a uniform pricing policy in all places where the brand is present;
      • the possibility of obtaining exclusive trade rights in a certain territory;
      • return on investment for 4 months with the qualitative implementation of our recommendations;
      • financial model of your business;
      • an effective selection of products for purchase at the warehouse;
      • orders from the site from your region - you are serviced;
      • branded equipment for the production of products;
      • branded packaging for products;
      • information support, placement of contact information on the manufacturer's website, access to social groups in Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Youtube;
      • training of trading and managing personnel;
      • guarantee of return of unsold goods at purchase price.

We conduct excursions in all areas of our jewelry production in Moscow.Materials - silver, gold.The company's marketing specialists study customer demand and create topical ornaments corresponding to the spirit of the times.

Advantages of working with Amorem:

      • entrance / check for 1 product - 800 rub.;
      • the average price for the product is 1600 rubles.;
      • average check per customer - 3200 rub., includes 1-2 products;
      • penetration rate in the cold Target Audience of 25-35 years - 2%;
      • high turnover: sales of 30-50% per month from the goods in the warehouse;
      • products of the company, rings and bracelets, do not have dimensions, it allows you not to freeze excess funds and improves turnover;
      • Having only one suspension and comparing with the choice of color a thread of 10 colors, you provide a choice of 10 commodity items without additional costs for the content of the goods in the warehouse;
      • the choice of thread color involves the client in the process of creating his own product, the customer feels himself a designer / creator and is grateful to the brand;
      • free replacement of threads on the bracelet allows you to stay with customers in communication, sell new items, reduce the cost of advertising investments.

Accommodation options:

    Geography of Amorem:

    Moscow; St. Petersburg; Rostov-on-Don; Nizhny Novgorod; Ufa; Novosibirsk; Chelyabinsk; Khabarovsk; Kaliningrad; Kiev.

    What is needed to build a new jewelry market in Russia together with us:

        • cash for initial investment;
        • register a legal entity or individual entrepreneur;
        • open the required type of activity (jewelry retail trade OKVED code [52.48.22]);
        • to take special registration in the state inspection of assay supervision of the Russian State Assay Chamber at the place of registration and at the location of the retail trading platform;
        • sign a contract with Amorem.

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    Telefon: +38631347564 

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