Practical excursion

We provide services for training managers and sellers of jewelry companies.
Training managers and sellers of jewelry companies in the following areas: brand building, marketing, sales, management, personnel. Record by phone +38631347564

The program is recommended to anyone who is looking for a new business, is interested in fashion, jewelry and accessories, plans or already realizes activities related to the production and sale of jewelry.
We will show MYSTERIES - how to properly build BRAND = SALE!
Secret success strategy - GAMBIT.

Excursion to the actual back-office of the jewelry online store.

The objectives of the program: training in the step-by-step creation and development of the jewelry brand in the Amorem project construction model - jewelry with meaning.

What you will see and learn:
• Manufacture of jewelery
• Effective structure of the online store
• How to maintain the service by 5 points and at the same time save
• What advertising channels do we use?
• Free traffic channels
• Chips to increase the conversion of sales on the site
• Inventory management and shipments

Two-day course on December 10 and 11:
1) The history of the industry
2) Niche
3) Target Audience
4) Unique Commodity Product
5) Pricing
6) Packing
7) Marketing channels
8) Business plan
9) Naming
10) Suppliers
11) Back-office
12) Service
13) Trademark, sequence of actions

The price for the course is 25 000 rubles, record by phone +38631347564

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