Amorem - Production

Did you know that Amorem jewelry is made in Moscow?

We do not import products, but create everything ourselves: from the idea to the implementation.

We described the entire process of manufacturing products in our workshop in Moscow.

1. Development of a master model

This is the development of a model-sample, according to which the circulating products are cast in future. Depending on the technique of the artist, and the type of product, the master model can be made both in jewelry wax and in metal.

If the product was made in wax, then it must be cast in the metal.

2. Rubber 
The master model is filled with liquid rubber to make the cast (similar to how the dentist makes an impression of a tooth). We cut the resulting block and extract the master-model, and get a mold to replicate mass-produced products - "rubber".

3. Production of wax models 
With the help of an injector, in which the jewelry wax first melts and then flows out under pressure, we create the wax pattern. The injector nozzle is inserted into the rubber, and wax fills the form. After extracting the frozen wax, we get a wax model of the future product. One "stencil" produces one product. 

4. Forming 
Stencils are fused to a large wax rod, we get the so-called «Christmas tree». The tree is put into a casting box, and filled with plaster. After hardening of plaster that takes 18 hours, wax heats up and under the influence of high temperature vaporizes leaving voids in plaster.

5. Casting 
Under high pressure molten metal is poured into the plaster, and metal freezes in the product form. Then products are cut and sent to the final processing.

6. The final processing of the finished products 
Products are polished, if necessary blackened, soldered. 
Polishing can be rumbled in a cylinder using water with abrasive elements or sometimes manually.

7. Product branding 
Products are sent to the State Inspection of Assay Supervision, where they are tested and branded. 
Video of the product manufacturing process.

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